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Rehabilitation Through Education is a consulting firm founded in 1995 to develop and promote the concept of supported education.

Supported education is the process of helping people with a diagnosis of mental illness participate in an education program so

  • they may receive the education and training they need to achieve their learning and recovery goals and
  • become gainfully employed in the job or career of their choice.

Rehabilitation Through Education provides the following services for supported education:
  • Program consultation and development
  • Program evaluation
  • Policy and procedure development
  • Staff training
  • Curriculum development
  • Presentations, workshops, and seminars
  • Grant writing

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For further information, contact Dr. Unger at Rehabilitation Through Education, P.O. Box 82356, Portland, OR 97282,  or call 503-709-9720,  or by email


Karen V. Unger Ed.D. President and Founder of Rehabilitation Through Education

Karen V. Unger,  MSW,  Ed.D.
President and Founder
Rehabilitation Through Education


Supported Education Evidence-Based Practices (EBP) Kit     SAMHSA

Provides information and resources for implementing supported education to enable consumers to pursue goals that have been interrupted due to symptoms of behavioral health conditions. Includes information on getting started, delivering services, and evaluation.

Click on the the following link to obtain the kit.


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